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Important Note: To reserve a unit at 3 Orchard By-The-Park, remember to call up +65 6100 8717 to tentatively reserve your choice unit before coming down to the show flat to avoid disappointment. Units are selling fast and availability is based on first come first serve basis. You shall receive Direct Developer Price with no commission/fee required to be paid. If you wish to visit the show flat first before making a decision, kindly get an Appointment Reservation Here.

Recent Unit Sales History

LAST UPDATED: 28th September 2023

3 orchard by the park balance unit chart 06082023

Disclaimer: The Balance Units Chart displayed here are for reference purposes only. Unit availability is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This website cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.

***Displaying recently sold units only***

21/07/2023: #02-01 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

27/04/2023: #11-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

01/03/2023: #09-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/01/2023: #04-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/01/2022: #20/21-01 – Prestige Penthouse Sold!

10/01/2022: #22/23-01 – Prestige Penthouse Sold!

30/12/2022: #05-02 – 3 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

05/10/2022: #04-01 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

05/10/2022: #01-01 – Garden Suites Sold!

05/10/2022: #14/15-01 – 5 Bedroom with Pool Sold!

30/09/2022: #05-01 – 3 Bedroom (Loft) Sold!

23/09/2022: #06-01 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

14/09/2022: #07-01 – 3 Bedroom (Loft) Sold!

11/09/2022: #12-01 – 4 Bedroom (Loft)  Sold!

09/09/2022: #10-01 – 4 Bedroom (Loft)  Sold!

09/09/2022: #08-01 – 4 Bedroom (Loft)  Sold!

18/06/2022: #16-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

18/06/2022: #06-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

18/06/2022: #04-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

13/04/2022: #09-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

13/04/2022: #11-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

19/03/2022: #18-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

14/03/2022: #14-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

23/02/2022: #24-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

16/02/2022: #12-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

10/10/2021: #13-02 – 3 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

10/10/2021: #07-02 – 3 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

03/08/2021: #03-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/05/2021: #13-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

12/04/2021: #20-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

12/04/2021: #15-02 – 3 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

01/04/2021: #17-02 – 3 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

09/11/2020: #13-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

30/10/2020: #12-02 – 3 Bedroom (Garden) Sold!

18/09/2020: #14-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

09/04/2020: #01-02 – Garden Suites Sold!

04/04/2020: #02-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/01/2020: #15-03 – 4 Bedroom (Balcony) Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

3 By-the-park floor approach & measurement of system
3 Orchard By-The-Park is found on freehold area of over 60.000 square foot with just 3 25-story residential prevents consisting of an overall total of 77 luxurious condominium.
3 By-the-park orchard Condo opinions
Based on the idea of Citterio, you can be assured that all inches of space the items on the market 3 Orchard By-The-Park including outside rooms has been carefully designed in place.
For each product sort a floor options are as follows:
3 By-the-park orchard cost manual
Remembering the early undeniable fact that the Westwood Condo were obtained by YTL Corp for . It would not be surprising if the price tag on 3 Orchard By-The-Park went beyond the S$3,800.
And with market emotions increasing the true luxury condominium part, their tenure with superior site may seem such as for instance good deal.
2-Sleeping room 1066-1163 (sqft|squarefoot} 3-Sleeping space 1776-1862 (sqft|squarefoot} 3-Sleeping Loft 2583 (sqft|squarefoot} 4-Living space 2260 (sqft|squarefoot} 4-Sleeping alcove 2831-3509 (sqft|squarefoot}
Moreover, should you feel like staying in arrived house with own individual share in a condominium, these two unique Backyard Fits can be viewed: 4-Bedroom Backyard Suite
below is the cost guide for 3 Orchard By-The-Park and will soon be susceptible to changes:
Remember that developer does provide customers deferred cost approach however cost will be marginally larger compared to the reduced amount.
Up to now, 3 Orchard By-The-Park open available right now however the observing of the showflat is only by appointment.
Everything appears excellent written down nevertheless you are able to assume good quality one of Malaysia’s greatest many good corporations.
Having considerable knowledge developing luxurious properties in Sentosa Cove section, am quite certain YTL Westwood Real Estate acknowledges what the rich school of buyers looking for that in Singapore are.
there have been no new condos launched for sale in a nearby the past decade apart from residence (which is only for lease), so the builder may theoretically exploit industry for brand new house devices within precinct.
3 Showflat by-the-park orchard
Customers prospects should hope to see an actual device applied because the 3 Orchard By-The-Park showflat being truly a finished project. In reality, this may give the challenge a great appreciation and provides involved consumers an excellent photograph of what they’re buying, instead than just considering a floor plan.
3 By-the-park orchard Showflat sandy islands
Showflat product by YTL for certainly one of Sandy Islands villas
evertheless, powerful opposition may come from Boulevard 88 New Futura by CDL, 8 St Thomas Bukit Sembawang inside Singapore’s new leading residential properties.
We see 2 probable problems for 3 Orchard By-The-Park start which could suppress buyers.

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A Luxury Freehold Development In D10
By YTL Westwood Properties Pte Ltd

Living within the ultra-luxury residential enclave that includes the prestigious Embassy Row, the prime address of District 10 is yours to call home. When its time to explore, the Orchard Boulevard MRT station at your doorstep provides expedient access to wherever your heart desires.

✨ Freehold - From generation to generation

✨ Most coveted location - Orchard Boulevard

✨ Prestigious Neighbourhood - Embassy belt, Botanical Gardens

✨ Highly Exclusive and Limited Units

✨ Last 4 units : 3 bedroom loft.

*Water Tower*

4Br Loft #02-01
2,831 sqft SOLD

3Br Loft
2,583 sqft
#03-01 / #11-01 (Sold) / #13-01
$10,045,287 ($3,889psf)

$11,626,900 ($4,501psf)
Include ID Price $520K (Ready for Viewing)

$11,106,900 ($4,300psf)

*Wood Tower*

#02-04 (2BR, 1066 sqft)
Asking Price : $3,838,000 ($3,600 psf)
Tenanted till Dec 2023

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Viewing by Appointment.
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